Of course, before starting your journey as a missionary to Europe, you have been trained well in your home country.

You realize though that some additional training ‘on site’ might be very profitable for you. Think, for instance, about some church- and mission history of the region you will be working in, different worship styles, language training.

You are a local pastor in Europe, looking for possibilities to work together with non-European missionaries who live near your church. But, you wonder, “how am I going to deal with cross-cultural communication, different worship styles, charismatic expressions of faith”?

You are a Christian who migrated years ago to a European country. Now you want to be involved in evangelism, but where do you start?

On this page you’ll find schools in different parts of Europe which can address these questions. You’ll also find here courses which will be made available in the (nearby) future.

Here you can get information on training opportunities during consultations and conferences. This training will always be over a short period of time.

If you are interested in a course over a longer period of time, please check the tab “training”

For training opportunities, for instance during a consultation, please also check our “Agenda”