You are thinking of becoming a missionary somewhere in Europe and you want to be better informed about European demographics.

You already work and live in Europe and you are interested in matters regarding migration.

You are involved in church leadership in a European church and you want to know more about the pros and cons of ‘multi-directional mission’ and the implications for your church.

These and many other resources can be found in the ‘resources part’ of this web site.

Please continue to check these resources as they will be updated regularly.

Church Models

Download Here you find, as examples, models of churches and organizations working in the context of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural settings ...
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Europe, a challenge

By: Murray Moerman Another graphical presentation on the reality of Europe A set of pictures, statements and graphs to stir ...
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By: GCPN GCPN (Global Church Planting Network) gives an overview of the reality of Europe from a church planting perspective ...
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Torremolinos Document

The Mission Statement of Back to Europe In May 2009 leaders from different parts of the world (desiring to be) ...
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Mission, Missionaries and the Evangelization of Europe

By: Samuel Cueva This very interesting, challenging 12 page document carries the subtitle: "Towards an Integrating Missiology from a Latin ...
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Back to Europe

A presentation about the Back to Europe movement The presentation shows, as bullet points, the mission and vision of Back ...
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